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The Best-Reviewed
Exercise Mats

Whether you're looking for something to take to a yoga class, or something to make your at-home body weight workout a little more comfortable, you want the best possible mat. We sifted through the best-reviewed options on Amazon to bring you three worthy contenders.

Reehut Extra Thick High Density Exercise Mat

Reehut Extra Thick
High Density Exercise Mat

4 1/2 stars

/ 2,805 reviews

“I needed a lightweight mat to take to yoga, but hated how uncomfortable traditional mats were. This one is thick yet light and it's easy on my hands, knees and back, helping me to power through my workouts.”

$29.99 / $22.99 at Amazon

ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Exercise Mat

Tri-Fold Exercise Mat

4 1/2 stars

/ 651 reviews

“I needed a thick mat for when I do planks and ab exercises, but most are needlessly expensive. Since I'm tall, I appreciate that this is both long and the foam is very thick and squishy, yet strong.”

$34.99 at Amazon

Jade Harmony Exercise Mat

Jade Harmony
Exercise Mat

4 1/2 stars

/ 2,348 reviews

“Real talk ... I sweat a lot when I workout. Especially during yoga. And this mat provides killer grip, but what I really appreciate is that you can toss it in the washing machine to keep it fresh.”

$84.95 at Amazon

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