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Robot Vacuums

If you don't have a robot cleaning your place, you're living in the past. There's a reason why anyone who has one of these hardworking little machines swears by it—and often gives it a name. Because they're reliable and all but guarantee your home stays clean and ready for company at any moment. These are three of the top-rated models, according to real world reviews.

Pure Clean Ultra-Thin Robotic Vacuum

Pure Clean Ultra-Thin
Robotic Vacuum

4 1/2 stars

/ 339 reviews

“I didn't want to spend a lot and this was well-reviewed. It took five minutes to set up and have worked better than I expected. Plus, there's a HEPA filter—which my allergies appreciate—and it's thin enough to get under every single piece of furniture.”

$150 / $134.99 at Amazon

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

eufy BoostIQ
RoboVac 11S

4 1/2 stars

/ 12,597 reviews

“I hated my last one because it was so loud and often left dog hair tumbleweeds in the corner. This one is quieter than my microwave and actually knows when to increase the suction when things get messy.”

$229.99 / $159.99 at Amazon

iRobot Roomba i7+

Roomba i7+

4 1/2 stars

/ 1,396 reviews

“I've had three previous Roombas and this one is worth every penny. You can go two months without having to empty it, connecting to our Wi-Fi was no problem and the app is really easy to set up.”

$999.99 / $799 at Amazon