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Port Products
Skin Renewing Face Scrub
$28 / $21

A one-two-punch of exfoliation, finely crushed walnut shells and glycolic acid gently resurface skin and leave you looking fresh and smooth.

Port Products Marine Layer Under Eye Recovery Gel

Port Products Marine Layer
Under Eye Recovery Gel
$42 / $31.50

Instantly reduces darkness and puffiness, while reversing long-term damage from such skin stressors as sun, smog and fatigue.

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Over their decade in business, we've been lucky enough to try out nearly all of The Motley's products from their main line and house brands: Buckler's, Port Products and the newest, Onekind. The products have a cult following (and a permanent spot in our medicine cabinet) because they deliver results. And we scored Valet. readers an exclusive discount of 25% off any purchase w/code VALET25. Herewith, some of our favorites.

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Buckler's Chapped Skin Remedy

Chapped Skin Remedy
$24 / $18

Packed with aloe, shea butter or chamomile, this heavy-duty cream absorbs surprisingly fast and extinguishes that nagging sting out of cracked hands immediately.

The Motley Atlas Cologne

The Motley
Atlas Cologne
$120 / $90

This earthy mix of moss and worn leather is a true gentleman's cologne—spiced with cardamom and cloves, but not overpowering.

Onekind Glow Getter
C E Serum
$44 / $33

This is like a good night's rest in a bottle. Deeply hydrating, it gives your skin a healthy glow while ferulic acid and myrrh reduce fine lines and dark spots.

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