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Dell New XPS 13 Laptop

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The Best Graduation Gifts Are the Ones They’ll Actually Use

Smart buys for all types of grads

Dell New XPS 13 Laptop, $1,199.99 / $1,175.99

There are sentimental graduation gifts and then there are those that are really useful. The ones that a recent grad will be happy to receive because they likely wouldn't have bought it for themselves. Whether your grad is college-bound, looking to enter the professional world or maybe even pursuing a further degree, he or she deserves the good stuff. And right now, Dell is currently offering deals on a wide range of the latest technology and brands, including some of the best prices you'll find online for certain items. From in-demand gamer gear and the wireless essentials no young professional should be without, to tablets that will work both on and off the clock ... these are, quite literally, smart buys.

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