Special Promotion

A Culinary
Secret Weapon

Special Promotion

A Culinary Secret Weapon

The user-friendly machines streamline the process of herbal infusion from start to finish

LEVO 2022 holiday gift guide

There’s not just one target audience for LEVO’s lineup of infusing machines. With a streamlined design and a fool-proof user interface, these clever machines allow you dry, activate and infuse foods and treats with flavors or herbs essentially with just the touch of a button. They're engineered to cut down on the manual process of infusing butters and oils, saving you time while gaining intense flavors and delicious foods. So they're a great idea for those who enjoy gourmet edibles and gummies, sure, but they're also for those who'd like rosemary olive drizzled on their popcorn or paleo types who prefer to make a clean MCT oil at home.

Yes, most people love the machine for it's ability to efficiently make cannabis butter at home without a hassle. With just a touch of a couple of buttons, you're able to achieve what otherwise would have been a tedious process that took hours (and often comes with substantial clean up). The herb-infused butter does make for killer weed brownies, but the machine can also be used to infuse bourbon into a rich maple syrup or formulate your own homemade tattoo after-care creams. And in the spirit of giving, they're providing Valet. readers 20% off machine bundles w/code VALET20.

The LĒVO Lux

The ultimate starter kit. This collect has everything you need to start infusing right away, from a herb press and oil sprayer to cleaning supplies and a hardcover cookbook.

LĒVO Lux essentials bundle,
$679.91 / $463.99 w/code VALET20

LEVO II x tCheck Potency Tester Bundle

LĒVO II x tCheck
potency tester bundle
$714.97 / $479.99 w/code VALET20


If you're serious about your infusions, this countertop machine whips up large batches in a relatively compact footprint that will keep your countertop free.

LĒVO C essentials bundle,
$479.91 / $283.99 w/code VALET20

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