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Vivarati Socks

Vivarati socks, $18 (or $15 when you buy three)
in Bass Larson Weejuns, $99

More and more these days, we're on the lookout for cool, colorful socks to sport with our lace-ups, loafers and double monks. It's a quick, easy and effective way to add a bit of color and creativity to a wardrobe of subtle staples. But it's hard to find good ones. Sure, you can get cool looking stripes or motifs, but sooner rather than later, they've lost their elasticity and are bunching down around your ankles. Or threadbare at the heel or toe within a few washings. But Andrew Muller, the founder of Vivarati, is changing all that with his comfortable, colorful and well-made socks.

A former banker who could never find quality socks that last, he took it as an entrepreneurial challenge to solve the problem and fill a void in the market. Made from high quality Turkish combed cotton blended with elastane to ensure they stay up on your leg comfortably. The absence of polyester means they maintain their soft hand-feel, and the hand-linked toes and reinforced heels safeguard against rips and holes. We've been wearing them for months and they still look new. There are seven styles to choose from now, but keep an eye out for additional options this spring.

  • As a rule, match your socks to the clothes, not the shoes. Meaning you should wear socks just a shade darker than your pants, but not as dark as your shoes.