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It's January—time for resolutions and bettering oneself. And perhaps you're like me, looking to be more active in the new year. After all, we talk a lot about fit, but a tailor can only do so much work on a sport coat or a pair of trousers. As far as the body for which he's tailoring them? We're on our own. Which is why I'm looking for some new workout gear that's both functional and sharp looking. You want to look presentable at the gym, but not like you're trying to look good, right? Nor do I want to spend a lot on clothes that I'm only going to sweat in. Thankfully, there are a handful of brands out there, from H&M's new Sport line to Champion's C9 offshoot, offering affordable quality staples like modern sweat-wicking styles, old school sweatshirts and not-too-baggy shorts. Pieces that leave me plenty of cash to blow at the juice bar after working out.

Windproof reflective jacket, $40; Fast-drying, breathable running tights, $30 by H&M Sport

Slim-fit cotton hoodie,
$30 by Uniqlo

Sweat-wicking workout shorts,
$15 by C9 by Champion

Lightweight stay-put socks,
$10 by H&M Sport


According to Men's Health, gyms in America see membership spikes of 30-50% in January,
but a majority of new gym-goers will stop regular visits within their first three months.