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Bread & Boxers

Fashion folk have a tendency to speak in superlatives. Things are often described as "the best" or "perfect," so when something's presented as "a game changer," I tend to be a little skeptical. Bread & Boxers, a Swedish line of underwear, has quickly gained a cult following within the menswear set. The kind of following that only a minimalist-focused brand out of Stockholm seems to garner. But I'll admit, my interest had been piqued for a while and when I happened upon their cleverly-designed packages (simple white bread bags) in person, I decided to try a pair. What can I say? I'm a sucker for good design. And thankfully, the design is more than skin deep.

The uncomplicated underwear is a study in quiet restraint. There's no oversized logos repeating around the waistband, there's no superhero color schemes. Just straightforward boxer briefs and tees with a considered fit, cut for movement from an organic cotton and elastane blend. Some clever stitching keeps the boxers from riding up. And no matter how many times you wash them, they won't lose their stretch (meaning no droopy butt or bunched up legs). The T-shirts, on the other hand, come with more of a relaxed feel with a wide collar and raw hems. I'm not going to say that they're perfect, but I will say that they make for an incredibly soft, solidly-built starting layer to whatever else I'm going to wear.

    The brand got its start by selling in the minibars of luxury hotels.