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Superior Socks
for Summer

Best men's summer socks in 2024

Superior Socks for Summer

Level up your sock rotation
this season

The times are changing. It used to be that summer was about peeling your socks off. But these days, socks are enjoying their moment in the sun—literally. We're wearing them more and more. We now pull on a pair with our loafers, we slide a socked foot into sandals and want a pair that complements our sneakers.

And if you're looking to stay current, you should know that the kids have officially “canceled” ankle socks. They're for old people. So we're only talking about crew and calf-length styles today. The good news is that there's never been more options for you. So take advantage. You might think that socks are simply underwear—an afterthought, of sorts. But that's a mistake. A quality pair of socks is an insider flex. A quiet, but impactful way to finish off an outfit and make a statement. Pull on throwback striped styles for a sporty look, try some textural knits or experiment with different colors. That way, your sock drawer stays in peak condition and you can continually enjoy the psychological boost that comes with pulling on a fresh pair of socks. Trust me, little things like that can make a big difference. To help you out, we've pulled some of our favorites in a range of styles and price points from brands both big and small.


The Best Socks
for Men in 2024

American Trench Retro striped socks

Retro striped socks,
$14 by American Trench

Nice Laundry Varsity crew socks

Old school looks with a full micromesh top, compression arch band and targeted padding in the heel.

Varsity crew socks,
$39 (for 3-pack) by Nice Laundry

Anonymous Ism Pique ribbed socks

Pique ribbed socks,
$34 by Anonymous Ism

Nudie Jeans Amundsson striped stretch socks

Amundsson striped stretch socks,
$15 by Nudie Jeans

J.Crew Athletic crew socks

Athletic crew socks,
$18 by J.Crew

Nike ACG cushioned socks

ACG cushioned socks,
$22 by Nike


Available in 50+ colors, they hold up incredibly well for five bucks.

Colorful socks,
$4.90 by UNIQLO

Afield Out Alp socks

Alp socks,
$30 / $15 by Afield Out

ROTOTO Recycled cotton socks

Recycled cotton socks,
$35 by ROTOTO

With a soft, seamless toe and their signature honeycomb arch support system.

Solid calf socks,
$56 / $53.20 (for 4-pack) by Bombas

Leave it to the Japanese to re-engineer a sock to be more comfortable.

Right angle socks,
$4.90 by MUJI

KAPITAL Intarsia-knit cotton socks

Wear these with sandals to show off the signature smiley face on the heel.

Intarsia-knit cotton socks,
$50 by KAPITAL

Druthers Merino wool socks

Merino wool socks,
$28 by Druthers


Satisfy Merino tube socks

Merino tube socks,
$60 by Satisfy

Stance Icon crew socks

Icon crew socks,
$11.99 by Stance

Tired: graphic tees; wired: graphic socks.

Polo Bear cotton socks,
$24 / $20.40 by Ralph Lauren

Beams+ Cotton rag socks

Cotton rag socks,
$50 (for 2-pack) by Beams+

Need Some No Show Socks?

We don't wear them the way we did in the #menswear-era heyday. But sometimes you want a sockless look. And our research has found that MUJI makes the most comfortable and secure pair for your money.

$4.90 by MUJI

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