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You might've heard about face oils before. The ladies in your life have surely been swearing by them for a while now. There's also been a recent influx of small serum bottles popping up on the men's side of the stores. Of course, even early adopters like ourselves found something off-putting about slathering our faces with oil. But after greasing up for the past few weeks, we've seen the light. And here's why you probably want to get some for yourself. Contrary to conventional logic, putting oil on your face will actually help balance your complexion and reduce oil production while moisturizing skin. How? Well these naturally rich ingredients trick your skin. In overly oily spots, the bottled oil's essential fatty acids signal to your skin that it already has enough oil, thus shutting off sebum production. But in drier, irritated areas the oil acts like your natural lipid barrier—locking in moisture and protecting skin while providing a cover for the skin to heal and repair itself naturally. The end result is smooth, healthy skin thanks to two measly pumps of liquid applied before bed or after a shower. Herewith, the four best for your money.

Four of the Best

Herbivore Botanicals,

An all-natural blend of organic argan, jojoba and rosehip oils that smoothes on nicely and locks in moisture. Soothing and ultra-hydrating, it works well for those with drier skin.


Jack Black,

This lightweight, multipurpose bottle contains ten different oils including argan, olive and grape seed, and can be used on both face and body skin, in your hair and as a pre-shave oil.


Dr. Hauschka,

A non-greasy blend of peanut, sunflower and other oils with a minty medicinal smell that absorbs quickly and actually has a slight mattefying effect—ideal for those with shiny skin.



A slightly floral combination of macadamia seed and sweet almond oils along with botanicals like juniper berry make this calming oil perfect for those with patchy, irritated skin.

Why So Much?

For such a small bottle, the price of face oils can be pretty high. But the reason is that they're filled with pure, natural oils and extracts. Thankfully, since they're highly concentrated and you use just a few drops, a bottle will last you anywhere from six to eight months.












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