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    The Tenebaum house can be found near Sugar Hill in New York's historic Hamilton Heights neighborhood. While not located on Archer Avenue, as in the film, the true location is 339 Convent Avenue.

Wes Anderson's movies are revered as much for their unique style as for their brilliant performances and dryly-spoken dialogue. Among the filmmaker's reoccurring themes of irresponsible father figures, strained family relationships and homages to French "new-wave" cinema, every character carries a uniform of sorts—often with a particular signature detail. No film embodies this much like the 2001 picture, The Royal Tenenbaums. The film centers upon members of the once lauded Tenenbaum family as they deal with years of internal awkwardness, displeasure and betrayal centered on the return of estranged patriarch, Royal. Each character has an outfit that rarely changes throughout the film. And unlike the movie's most visually striking outfit—red Adidas track suits worn by Chas and his two sons—there's actually some applicable menswear inspiration found in Royal's moneyed style and Richie's relaxed athletic take on suiting.

- Gregory Babcock


Jacket, $300
by J.Crew

Polo, $85 by Fred Perry

Vintage headband,
on Ebay

Camera, $748 by Panasonic

Suit, $539
by Suitsupply

Glasses, $95
by Warby Parker

Turtleneck, $120
by Oliver Spencer

Watch, $553
by Hamilton