{02.11.09} Skin Care


One of the coolest things about the Art of Shaving's after-shave mask is the tiny glass bottles. Like the compact cc vials used for shots, the new single doses promise to relieve razor burn and tone up skin. Cracking one open after a recent shave, it felt a bit like putting on make-up, especially with its rosy coloring. But a barber shop smell, thanks to natural Nevada clay and almond oil, reminded me that this was indeed a shaving—not a spa—product. What goes on smooth and reddish, dries into a beige, craggy, salt flat like surface. After washing off the residue, my skin was clean, matte and free of any razor-related red bumps. I'll definitely use it again. Just not outside the confines of a locked bathroom door. $50, at The Art of Shaving

- Jordan Taylor