{03.03.10} Fragrances


A Scent of


When Geoffrey Beene personally developed his signature cologne Grey Flannel in 1975, he became the first designer to offer men's fragrances in America. And remarkably, the scent still holds its own today. Old school yet not old fashioned, it's fresh and grassy at first spritz without being overly soapy, thanks to bitter citrus and green herbs. It then dries into a warmer tone with touches of cedar and leather. Make no mistake, Grey Flannel isn't for little boys, but it's not overpowering either. The unfortunate part is that, because the label has all but faded away, the bottles can't be found at the average cologne counter. The good news is that you can find it online for half price.

$20, at Amazon


The cologne was introduced, and still comes packaged today, in a grey flannel pouch.