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Linen jacket,
$139 and pants,
$60 by Zara

Spring Suits

The problem with warm weather suiting is that it's just that—a suit you can only wear in the late spring or summer. And who wants to splurge on something that you can only wear a few months out of the year? But that doesn't mean you shouldn't want one. And if you're considering pulling the trigger, now's the time to buy, before the best of the bunch are all gone. Cut from breezy cottons and linens, they're the coolest thing you can wear (literally) when the heat and humidity make the thought of dressing up sound like a punishment. Available in cool, continental colors, the bolder hues are sure to amp up standard shirt-and-tie combos while elevating off-duty underpinnings like a simple T-shirt. Plus, at this price, you can buy a new suit for the slew of weddings you have coming up and still have enough to get the happy couple a decent gift.


Albiate cotton suit,
$469 by

Cotton jacket, $349
and pants, $150
at Club Monaco

Italian chino jacket,
$298 and pants,
$158 by J.Crew

    What can make a $500 suit look like a million bucks? Tailoring. Here's how to get the perfect fit (and how much you should expect to pay for it).