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Paul Newman, with wife Joanne Woodward, shows how to pull off some subtle jewelry with style.

It's the
Little Things

When it comes to warm weather dressing, adding some color or texture to your off-duty kit without adding more layers or bulk can be tricky. An easy solution? Try some jewelry. We know, just the word conjures up images of posers, hippies or dandies decked out in extremes—but jewelry, especially on men, doesn't work in extremes. It needs to be subtle and personal. These here have everything you'd want out of a piece of men's jewelry. They're not too flashy or too feminine. Crafted from a range of materials—from brass and exotic glass to vintage coins and oxidized silver—they're understated, while projecting a laid-back slightly bohemian vibe. Which is what summer style is all about, right?




Warhorse Workshop,



Giles & Bros., $88

Jack Spade,

George Frost, $155

Mateo Bijoux,


Lucky Liberty,


Mark McNairy,

Triton, $175


If you're new to wearing jewelry, don't go all in and sport this all at once like Mr. T.
Start with a wrist piece, then maybe a necklace, and add to it over time, with a ring or another necklace.