{06.10.10} Skin Care


Skin Trip

Whether from sun, sand or simply shaving, skin can easily dehydrate in the heat of summer. Which means a good moisturizing lotion is a must-have. But you don't want it to be gloppy or greasy. After a long day, slather on some relief with Mountain Ocean's Skin Trip. The fast-absorbing formula quenches sun-parched skin with pure coconut oil and aloe vera along with lanolin, which naturally locks in skin's moisture. Emil Corsillo recently discovered the stuff and decided to stock it at his Hickoree's Hard Goods shop. He was surprised to find the lotion has been made in the mountains of Colorado since 1971. "I'm not a connoisseur of this stuff, but I think it's one of the best moisturizers I've ever used," he tells us. "And my girlfriend loves the smell of it on me." Now, do you really need any more convincing?

  • The subtle tropical scent is coconut-y, but it's not a sickeningly sweet version. It's natural and almost woody.

$12 at
Hickoree's Hard Goods