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Watch It

You can't (legally) get The Sandlot digitally, but you can score it on DVD and Blu-Ray with this 20th anniversary edition that comes with a complete set of 10 collectible trading cards.

$13 at Amazon

If you grew up in the '80s and '90s, you've likely seen The Sandlot. Multiple times. You've probably quoted it: "You're killing me Smalls!" And that's because, even two decades later, the film stands apart from the handful of other sporty kids' movies of the time. Set in 1960s California, it wasn't your average "underdogs win the big game at the end of the movie" kind of sports story. More than anything, it was a tale of brotherhood. About how a group a guys from different backgrounds (and varied athletic prowess) can form lifelong bonds over a summer playing baseball, swapping playful putdowns and lusting after an older woman who's out of their league. But while you'd rewatch the movie for the nostalgia of your own youthful summers, stay for a few lessons in simple off duty staples.


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