{06.25.13} Products


Two-pocket wallet,
$40 by General Manufacturing


Quick-access card sleeve,
$55 by Bellroy


Folding waxwear card case,
$75 by Jack Spade


Money-clip cardholder,
$78 by Tumi



Summer is a time for trim shorts and lightweight cotton pants. It's not a time for sweaty asses or losing your wallet because you have to take it out of your pocket every time you sit down. If a big brick-like billfold is weighing you down, consider the cardholder. A svelte alternative to your current pocket hog, it will streamline your life—not to mention your pants pocket. After all, those faded receipts and out-of-date loyalty cards weren't doing much for you anyway.

Three-slot card wallet,
$52 by Corter

    Another benefit to a card case? You can wear it in your front pocket, which can come in handy when you're on vacation or in big crowds.