{06.29.09} Skin Care


Tabac aftershave, $8.50; Tweed shea butter solid, $8.50; Wood body creme, $10; Whiskey cologne, $25

Maine Character

In the summer of 2007, Lisa Brodar left the fast-paced world of Manhattan advertising for the confines of Portland, Maine. She had been daydreaming about a simpler, more self-sustaining life, where her creativity would yield more tangible results. "I had the idea of opening a brick and motar shop, Portland General Store," says Brodar, while walking her dog in one of the city's many parks. "But then I found this book on old perfumery methods, and I started tinkering with soaps and the line just grew from there." With a look reminiscent of an antique apothecary, the goods are imbibed with old-world vices (tobacco, leather and whiskey) and crafted with good-for-you organic ingredients. The type of gal who enjoys a nice cigar and an aged Bourbon, Brodar has a natural nose for men's fragrances. "I love the complexity of classic male-oriented scents," she says. "But then again, I always was a bit of a tomboy."