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Easily Suede

After a summer of sockless sneakers and slip-ons, we're ready to lace up some boots. And if you want a pair that's easygoing and comfortable yet can easily be dressed up (but never feel over-dressed), you want one cut from suede. The buffed, brushed leather has the unique effect of immediately adding a rugged, rakish charm to whatever you're wearing. While it's still warm out, that breathable suede comes in handy and looks sharp with white denim and rolled chinos. Then when the cooler temps eventually come, those same boots look particularly dapper with your flannel trousers and heavier sweaters. Consider this your fall footwear forecast.


Red Wing, $240


Mark McNairy, $425


L.L. Bean Signature, $275


J.Crew, $198

    Save Your Suede: It's not difficult to maintain, you simply need to know what to use when spot cleaning or waterproofing.