{11.24.10} Fragrances


Dude No. 1

Beard Oil

For her first men's fragrance, Brooklyn-based perfumer Anne McClain seems to have knocked it out of the park. There's no fussy flacon—the juice is housed in a simple and effective roll-on bottle—and no silly name. The fragrance, dubbed Dude No. 1, is subtle yet intricately layered. Woody with sweet and spicy undertones, the all-natural formula is a mix of cedar, coriander and peppercorns, resulting in a scent that's nostalgic yet modern. What's more, the base of organic hemp seed oil and American jojoba are actually good for skin and hair. "I was inspired by my man, as well as the many bearded men in my neighborhood," says McClain. "It's extremely gentle for your skin and does moisturize and condition your facial hair." Simply dab a bit on your neck and rub in your winter beard. Not that you need scruff to enjoy it.

$65, at MCMC