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Lanyard, $65
byTanner Goods

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Leather Accessories

Leather is one of those unique materials that follows a life trajectory seeing it only improve with age. Which is why designers and artisans have used it to make sharp reincarnations of everyday products, injecting them with more masculinity and longevity than their standard counterparts. The leather offers protection while remaining aesthetically prime. And picking something up now means that by summer, the leather will be soft and broken in—showing a story of all it's seen. Not only would any of these products make great gifts during the holidays, but most of them are affordable enough to justify buying one or two for yourself. Besides, you deserve it after giving to others all season.

- Cooper Nolan


Bottle opener, $38
by Machine Era Co.

Coaster set,
$25 by

Key Holder,
$59 by
Phigvel Makers

Eyewear case,
$90 by Makr

Notebook cover, $35
by Georgio's And Son

Tote bag, $320
by Billykirk