Welcome to Valet.


A Web site that has all the great service journalism of a men's lifestyle publication and all the natty style of a fashion title. But wait, there's more. We also offer helpful how-to tips like you'd find in the best self-help guide, while incorporating some innovative stuff you can only do on the Web.

Our team is aware and well-schooled in what a men's magazine needs because we've written, edited and designed for them. But we spend more time online, and chances are, so do you.

Valet speaks to what it means to be a gentleman and a professional in the 21st century.


When someone asks me about the site, I sum up our mission as wanting to give our users a few things each week that they can't get anywhere else, that might make them smirk, a little bit smarter or help them feel more put together.

Valet delivers news-driven features on everything from designer interviews to the latest trends in grooming, from the best way to detail your car to the hottest pop duo you didn't know you should love.

In short: it's a must-read for men who crave the latest in fashion, style and culture.


We want thoughtful, useful stories rich with reporting and insider information, while custom designing the experience to tell those stories in a vibrant, visual way. The result, we hope, is like a Lexus: Good looking and user friendly.

Think of us as the buddy you come to for advice on your clothes, car, job or love life. We're here for you, so don't hesitate to reach out and e-mail.


Cory Ohlendorf

Editor in Chief


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