• I've got some lousy eating habits. I'm an active guy, but I really need to drop some weight. Any advice on eating better?

    - Paul

  • Most people know what foods they should be avoiding, but where they go wrong is that they don't have a plan. Make sure you're eating breakfast. Introduce more fruits and vegetables when you're snacking. As for a simple strategy on cutting out the bad stuff? Take your worst dietary habit and cut it in half. If you eat four slices of pizza twice a week, start eating four once a week or two slices twice a week. Just that one change will cause you to lose some weight and gain momentum and form a mind-set toward achieving your best body.



  • I recently picked up a pair of black cordovan cadet bluchers by Alden from J.Crew. They're amazing and look great with my suits, but how would I style them casually?

    - Will

  • The beautiful thing about a great pair of handmade shoes is that there's not much they don't look good with. The black color does make them a bit more dressy, but you can definitely sport them with your denim—from washed blue jeans to your darker black and grey jeans. We've even see guys pull off similar black styles with army green pants. Up top, make sure there's a crispness to what you're wearing—from slim sweaters to button-down shirts.



  • What is a good hair product to use for styling thinning hair?

    - Peter

  • You want to avoid heavier products like gels, waxes and non-water-based pomades, as they weigh down and separate hair. Editorial and celebrity hairstylists love the soft, semi-matte hold of Magic Move, a Japanese styling paste, which adds texture without adding grease. It's made of soybeans, not silicone, so it moisturizes and doesn't build up. But remember, don't simply slap product onto your hair. Put a dab on your palm and rub your hands together, then apply from the back to the front.





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