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  • This might be too specialized, but I'm 6'7" and have very few stylish outerwear options available to me. Companies make plenty of shirts and pants that fit tall men, but don't want to take the risk on jackets. Do you guys know of anything?

    - Rob

  • We know some tall guys who can get away with J.Crew's line of "tall" outerwear, but they're nowhere near your 6'7" height. That definitely seems like a tricky situation ... You may need to go for custom or made-to-measure for a properly fitted coat. On the affordable end, try something like Indochino, which has a line of handsome outerwear that's pretty reasonably priced. They'll cut each coat to your exact measurements, so the fit will be perfect.

  • I dug the flat cap story you recently ran, but I'd like to try them on. Where can I find a nice one in the Boston area?

    - Brendan

  • In Boston, you're best bet would be to check in with the experts at Goorin Bros., a family-owned business that's been crafting quality hats on the East Coast since 1895. They've got a wide selection of flat caps and if you're looking to try some on in person, they have a shop at 130 Newbury Street in Boston.



  • I just got my own office at work and I'd like to have my college diploma framed for it. What kind should I go with, does it need a mat and should I opt for the UV glass?

    - Mark

  • In terms of something like a diploma, your first consideration should be where it will be hanging. You'll want to have it matted either way, but if it's hanging in a traditional office or your study (say with more neutral tones, wood and leather, etc.) then you may want to consider some gold accents either on the matte or on the frame, which could be in a rich, dark wood. If it's in a more clean, modern setting, then you'll likely want a crisp white mat and maybe a simple black gallery-style frame. As for UV glass, it will protect the piece. And you likely don't want this to lose any color or turn yellow from the sun.





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