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  • I'm going to be traveling a lot over the holidays and in the new year. What's the best way to pack suits and/or blazers?

    - Kyle, Chicago, IL

  • It's not as daunting as you fear. It just takes, like most things worth the effort, a little preparation. We've seen all sorts of wild origami folding tricks and not only is this the easiest, but it's the most effective. Think of your suitcase like a sandwich—your pants and jacket will be the bread, the filling is everything else (from sweaters and shoes to underwear and toiletries).


How to


Even out the bottom of your suitcase with rolls of undershirts and underwear. Lay your pants flat on the bottom, letting the ends of the legs hang out. Fill the case with remaining clothes.


Lay your jacket on a flat surface. Cover with tissue paper or a dry cleaner's bag and fold down the top of the jacket (right at the breast pocket). Now fold the bottom third (just above the side pockets) up like you're folding a letter.


Fold the pant legs back into the case and lay the jacket on top of everything. (Do this right before leaving to minimize creases and wrinkles.)


Keep in Mind

Shoes should go near the bottom, and always in a bag of some sort. (Shoe bag, $7 for three at Amazon)

To maximize space, tuck ties and socks into shoes and pack shirts in alternate directions. (Shirts, $60 at J.Crew)

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