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  • Can you finally make it official? What's the best way to roll up my shirt sleeves on my button down shirts.

    - Rez, Los Angeles, CA

  • There are no official rules, of course, and we've heard some men argue that your sleeves shouldn't be rolled unless you're waiting tables or delivering a baby. We're not those men. In fact, we think there's sort of a disheveled elegance to an artfully-rolled sleeve that gives your look a little personality. Herewith, two ways to roll with it.


Beginner Roll

Simple to master, this narrow roll works well on especially hot days, when you want to shorten sleeves past your elbow.


Fold your cuff in half and roll evenly up the arm.


Continue rolling complete cuffs until desired length.


Master Roll

The ideal style looks as if you just pushed up your sleeves and they artistically stayed in place. (See: magazine spreads, cool Italians in the summer.)


Fold cuff back and pull up past your elbow, thus pulling your sleeve inside out.


Roll your inverted sleeve into an even fold, allowing the top of your cuff to peek out. Adjust for a slightly mussed look.

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