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Breathe Easier

A good rule of thumb when it comes to bad breath: just assume that you probably have it. Do yourself (and everyone that you talk to) a favor and stock up on a few quick fixes. As the adage goes, a good defense is the best offense.


With its unconventional name and unexpected carmel color, you might not ever guess that Uncle Joe's Mint Balls were one of the best mints on the market. Put down the tin of tongue-scorching Altoids for these simple yet effective spheres. They're great to have on your desk at work, for you and your coworkers.

Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, $14 at Amazon


The American Dental Association suggests chewing sugarless gum for at least 20 minutes after meals to stimulate saliva flow, "which helps to prevent cavities by reducing acids and making teeth more resistant to decay." Look for a gum sweetened with xylitol which neutralizes pH levels in the mouth and prevents bacteria from sticking to your tooth enamel.

Trident Xtra Care, at drugstores


When it comes to mouth
maintenance, you can't get more old
school than a toothpick. These handsomely-
packaged picks are crafted from sustainably
harvested white birch wood and infused with essential oils and natural flavors like lemon and single malt scotch. But our favorite for fresh breath is the icy-hot cinnamint.

Cinnamint toothpicks, $20 for a 4-pack by Daneson


If you're not much of a gum (or toothpick) chewer, opt for a simple spray for a quick burst of minty freshness. This cooling anti-bacterial spray neutralizes bad breath and comes in a handy pocket-sized spritzer. Plus, it's both alcohol- and sugar-free.

BreathRx spray, $10 for a 2-pack at Drugstore.com

    Dehydration, acid reflux and body chemistry can cause Godzilla breath too. If a mint isn't cutting it, call your doctor.








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