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Fellow Barber's House Line

Three Favorites from the Line


Styling cream,

This light hold cream, with just a hint of shine, is the go-to product for soft and loose styles.


Texture paste,

A medium hold, matte styling product best applied to dry hair. The more you use, the more it holds.


Aftershave lotion,

Ideal for all skin types, this lightweight hydrator moisturizes and soothes post-shave skin while promoting healing.

    A known motorcycle enthusiast, Buffa became the youngest person on the U.S. off-road team when he was just 17 years old.

Originally opening its doors as a barbershop in the back of Freemans Sporting Club in 2006, Sam Buffa's Fellow Barber has since grown to include three popular New York locations along with one in San Francisco's Mission District. They've perfected a hybrid style mixing a traditional barber shop with of-the-moment styles. And it's this philosophy that informed their new line of grooming products—a blend of modern technology and old fahsioned, natural ingredients. We caught up with Buffa to learn more about the process.


What was the impetus to start your own line?

It really seemed like the natural progression for our brand. We've had the luxury of testing so many grooming brands we stock at the barbershops throughout the years and with our extensive barber and styling background combined with barber and client feedback, we knew that we could create something original and ultimately, functional.

You've obviously worked with a lot of different brands and products ... what did you want to accomplish with this line from the get-go?

From the inception, our goal was to introduce a product range that was an extension of our brand and overall shop experience. It was important to us to create a collection that works as well in a professional environment as it does at home. And we wanted to formulate a line that was different than what's already out there and could be easily integrated into a guy's regimen.

Abd they're sulfate, alcohol and paraben-free ...

We really set out to make a product line for all kinds of guys. In general, men are still learning about parabens, sulfates, etc., but it was important for us to offer products that are as clean as possible. At the end of the day, we need to have a product in our shops that really works and is easy to use. More importantly, a line the barbers had a hand in creating and truly stand behind.









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