The Uncommon Collar

Spread collars seem to be popping up more and more these days, and it seems American men everywhere are getting hip to the European vibe a cutaway brings to an outfit. For guys that love the classic feel of a button-down collar but aren't sure if they're ready to spread their wings, shirtmaker Hugh & Crye introduces the button-down spread collar.

Part of a mini-collection based on sports that have taken a backseat to the likes of football, baseball and basketball, the shirts are in bold plaids and named after athletes who excelled at their particular sport. CEO Pranav Vora explains the thought behind these quirky shirts:

"We're calling this collection 'Not your average sport... shirts.' The idea is this: we like the traditional button-down collar sport shirts that have been around for ages, but find them to be a bit too boring and ubiquitous. Like baseball and football at this time of year, if you will. So we added a second top button and gave it a spread collar, just slightly sprezzatura.

These two details give the collar a pronounced stand unbuttoned, and just enough room to pack the perfect knot when buttoned with a tie. They also have convertible cuffs that can be buttoned or take cuff links, a friendly reminder that sport doesn't have to mean rolled up sleeves."

While these shirts are definitely unconventional, what they aren't is expensive. At just under $90 a shirt, think of it as a sartorial experiment you can afford.

$85, at Hugh & Crye

Styling Tip

When wearing a tie with a spread collar, opt for a wider knot like a half-windsor.

Published on

September 28, 2011

Written by

of Valet.





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