Brooks Brothers

An ultra-light folding umbrella finished with a wood and metal-tipped handle. And the subtle tattersall plaid will add some texture and color to your commute.

$65, by Brooks Brothers

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Folding Umbrellas

Like it or not, we're heading into the rainy season. And chances are, you need a new umbrella. Because let's face it: we never think of buying one until it's raining and then it's too late. I used to tackle drizzly days wielding a long, spindly umbrella I pilfered from a nice East Coast hotel but the flimsy thing bit the dust during the last storm. Now I'm looking to invest in a well-designed umbrella that's as compact as it is sturdy. We've weeded through dozens of options and found the four best collapsible versions that can withstand windy gusts while still being able to fit in your bag or desk drawer.


With a Royal Warrant from the Queen of England, this British brand produces top-notch umbrellas that are extremely strong and handsomely finished.

$27, by Fulton


The strongest we tried, this handsome cover has reinforced ribs for maximum durability. The "smart close" shaft quickly retracts and the handle's comfy too.

$55, by Knirps


This has a bamboo handle and both the plastic ribbing and polyester canopy are recycled. But best of all, this durable eco-brolly was the quickest to dry off.

$32, at Amazon

    The Umbrella Dance: Etiquette experts suggest that a tall gentleman should raise his umbrella up so a shorter person can pass by without colliding with his umbrella. Likewise, if you are a shorter person, you should lower the umbrella closer to your head.