Italian Leather

A handsome double-wrap style made from Italian leather and finished with a brass hook.

$72, by Miansai

Styling Tip

Remember, less is more. Wear more than one if you must, but we advise two at most. Anything more than that is well, a bit much for most guys.
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Summer Bracelets

Summer is on its way out and I'm already planning my final beach weekend for Labor Day. But it's still plenty hot out, the air still humid and I'm not looking to add any more layers or warmth to what I'm wearing these days. Which is why I'm in the market for some wristwear—texture and color without the bulk. For a while, simple cord bracelets were embraced by menswear aficionados and street style stars, but have since become less prevalent—probably because of the way too many guys piled them on top of each other. One only needed to look at Tumblr to see some guy's arm infested with all manner of friendship bracelets. But still, there's a definite easygoing vibe to the simpler styles, and when worn with restraint, they add a seaside touch to your everyday kit. We've weeded through dozens and found the five worth checking out.

Brass & Vinyl

This lightweight bracelet is strung with beads made from oxidized brass and recycled red vinyl.

$40, at Men in Cities


A classic, adjustable knotted leather style in all black with a subtle anchor charm.

$55, at Griffin


Some simple, slim wooden bead bracelets, available in four different colors.

$15, at BrryBnds


These sporty waterproof styles are made from marine rope and bronze hardware.

$90, at Sailormade


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August 14, 2013

Written by

of Valet.