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A 60-Second Guide to

Paris Fashion Week

The Trend

Gray flannel anything.

Pack Lightly

Travel was a major theme, but no one took it as far as Kim Jones for Dunhill, with map-printed pocket squares and utility belts clipped with pen cases and flasks.

In the Audience

Pharrell (Lanvin), Chris Brown (Gautier), Kanye West (Everywhere)


The number of male models in various states of undress in Bruce Weber's 'NSFW' film screened before the YSL show.

The Stand Out

Louis Vuitton's hardy collection, inspired by Franz Kafka, was full of updated outdoor gear for the urbane man. Provided he's got the scratch for utilitarian luxury.


Raf Simons (pictured) secured suits with magnetic snaps and velcro, while Lanvin laser cut blazers with zip-off sleeves.

  • Each look in Junya Watanabe's jazz-inspired collection was topped with a black Borsalino trilby.

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