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Storage Supplies

Jacket Hangers Provides ample shoulder support.


Sweater Boxes Protects items from dust and pests.


Garment Bags
Allows coats and suits to breathe.


Cedar Sachet Deters pests.

  • Avoid storing garments along an exterior wall, where higher humidity could result in mildew growth or fabric deterioration.
A 60-Second Guide to

Seasonal Storage

A few things to think about before putting away those chunky sweaters,
wool trousers and overcoats for the next six months.

Audit Your Closet

Toss out (or donate) any item you haven't worn in a year.


Make sure to clean any clothes before packing them away for the season. You can ask your dry cleaner if they'd fold and box them for you.

How to Fold

Always fold sweaters. And whether you're packing them in a box or stacking them in your closet, a commercial folding board makes it both quick and easy.

Folding board, $4


Center board on the back of the sweater and fold sides and arms back.


Fold the tail end up and over to the top of the board.


Slip the board out, place it under the sweater and lay it on the stack.


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