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  • Sale Event: Now through Sunday (06.26), Left Field is offering 20% off their crossgrain and deadstock sweatshirts, along with their terry shorts and T-shirts. No discount code necessary.

The Sweat-Free Sweatshirt

We've already sang the merits of the summer cardigan, but here's another welcome warm weather layer. Not that you're looking for layers on a balmy afternoon, but for those times when you need more than a thin layer of madras, this sweatshirt will come in handy. You see, it's not just any sweatshirt. Made of 10 oz. ringspun cotton terry fleece, Left Field's Crossgrain Crews are ideal for chilly nights by the water and other cool occasions once the sun goes down. The "crossgrain" refers to the grain of the fleece running horizontally instead of vertically—a technique that prevents shrinkage and maintains the shirt's shape. The design is influenced by Champion sweatshirts from the 1950s, but the fit has been updated with higher armholes and more modern proportions. I tested one of the American-made sweatshirts out in the notoriously humid weather of Washington, DC and honestly, didn't even break a sweat. The fabric's breathability is even more noticeable when there's a nice breeze blowing. Or if you're just taking a leisurely bike ride to your local pizza place.

$120, (available in seven colors) at Left Field