Of all the trends we saw in the fall collections (everything from chunky soled shoes to wine-tinted shades of purple), plaid prevailed as the one to actually wear. Even though the notions of grunge and golfers have faded, we're still offering our favorite fall pieces in doses—the timid might start with an umbrella and the ballsy can don the blazer. Keep your Highland fling in check by pairing it with simple, complementary pieces. If you're wearing a checked shirt or jacket, sport a knit tie—the tactile weave matches the visual texture of the plaid.


1.) Wool tote by Rag & Bone, $375, at Tobi.


2.) Umbrella by Burberry, $275, at Saks Fifth Avenue.


3.) Wallet by Porter, $100, at Hynm's.


4.) Woolrich Woolen Mills tie, $120, at Jake.


5.) Wool bowtie, $64, at Steven Alan.


6.) Filippa K Mini check tie, $108, at Blackbird.


7.) Hunting shirt by Band of Outsiders, $584, at Hejfina.


8.) Broadcloth shirt, $70, at Rugby.


9.) Wool blazer, $795, at Hickey.


10.) Featherwieght flannel, $69.50, at J.Crew.


D&G, Valentino, Gilded Age, Dries Van Noten, Number (Nine).

  • Interested in your ancestors' traditional tartan? Looking for a desktop that matches your tie? Make your own plaid with this tartan maker and download the custom design to your computer.

Prince of Wales

Whitford Tartan

Black Watch




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