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Fresh off of their successful pop-up shop, Epaulet just opened a permanent Manhattan location. The Lower East Side outpost carries the brand's in-house trousers and jeans along with a new selection of double-faced shirts made of luxe Japanese fabric, which co-owner Mike Kuhle admits cost him "a small fortune" to obtain. Designed in collaboration with online men's fashion community StyleForum, the flannel-like textile is plaid on one side and gingham on the other—a trick up your sleeve with a simple roll of the cuff. Thin-waled corduroy shirts now come in a winter-appropriate black watch plaid. As part of their continuing relationship with Alden, the store will debut two new exclusive makeups this season. We're most excited for the natural Chromexcel longwings ($475). Mike is looking forward to the coming release of Epaulet sport coats, which at $365, will allow customers to assemble a full Epaulet suit for the extremely reasonable price of $550. His attention to detail is so astute that he made sure the fabric exactly matches the color of some of the more popular trousers.

  • Mike's wife and co-owner Adele Berne was so fond of the suiting fabric, she made fitting room curtains from it.

New Digs

144 Orchard St., New York (Open Tuesday through Sunday)


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