of Valet.


A Meditation on the Modern Man's Wallet
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Services like auto-bill pay and debit cards have rid most men of checkbooks in their daily lives. Cellphone cameras have replaced the accordion of photos we once carried in our billfolds. Cash isn't even accepted in some places. Technology has certainly changed our lives—hell, some men don't even wear watches anymore—but there are a few things that are as essential as they are traditional. And a good wallet is one of them. Times may've changed, but a man still needs a secure and easily organized place to keep the items he carries everyday. But nowadays, it should match your lifestyle.


The Traditionalist


Wears: Custom suits (or at least custom shirts).

Drinks: An old fashioned or just a single malt neat.

Carries: A classic wallet that's trim enough to not break his suit's silhouette, but holds enough cash to have on hand for tips.

Nominal Zerge, $165; and
7-Pocket Billfold, $145

The Minimalist


Wears: A shrunken leather jacket and a v-neck T-shirt or a dark one-button suit.

Drinks: Martini, straight up.

Carries: Something without any bells and whistles (or unnecessary pockets).

Nominal Merge, $95; and Money Clip, $95


The Traveler


Wears: A comfortable navy blazer with a well-worn duffle bag.

Drinks: Whatever little bottles are available.

Carries: A slim cash-carrier that's deep enough to accommodate different currencies. Or long enough to carry travel documents and a passport.

Nominal Flip, $155; and Travel Zip, $175

The Fashion Follower


Wears: A trim suit and brightly colored socks at work and raw selvedge jeans on the weekend.

Drinks: Craft beer, local if available.

Carries: A wallet with some personality and color. And one that's thin enough to fit into those trim jean pockets (but substantial enough to leave that tell-tale outline).

Astronomy Billfold, $150; and Evergreen Billfold, $150


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