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The Female Perspective: Carol Han



Carol Han


The stylish blogger behind Milk & Mode who also runs a newly formed creative agency, CA Creative.


New York, NY

Bow tie: Pro or Con?

Bow ties are definitely a con, barring a black tie affair and/or a Halloween costume. Guys should look confident and at ease—there's just something a little cloying and too-precious about bow ties.

What kind of style do you look for in a guy?

A guy in a good suit just gets me every time—I've dated men in a variety of professions, but I dated a guy about a year ago who worked at a bank, and every morning he'd get up at 5 am to get to work in time for when the markets opened. He'd put on an immaculate suit with a Hermès tie, grab his briefcase, and give me a kiss on his way out, and there was something great about that little routine—he looked self-assured, motivated and totally put together. I like that.

The first date spectrum: How should he dress?

T-shirt and jeans. As much as I like a guy in a suit, he should be comfortable and casual after-hours. There's something sexy about sitting across a dinner table from a man in a simple white Hanes tee and worn-in jeans.

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