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Writer John Updike relaxing in a signature polo.

Founder Bill St. John started the line by selling shirts from his station wagon in country club parking lots.

As seen on the clever gents in Risky Business.

The Return of


Boast, the '70s era East Coast brand of subversively preppy sportswear, is back. After a long heyday during the '80s, the brand was revived for fall, selling their signature polos embroidered with that telltale Japanese maple leaf, along with a few new items that are sure to appeal to those that like their trad with a touch of  Wes Anderson style. "The brand's always been knowing and irreverent in the buttoned up context of the country club," says New York writer David Coggins, who stars in the brand's fall catalog (right). "I like the idea of musicians playing tennis, like Stephen Malkmus misbehaving in the clubhouse after a doubles match."

Available this week at

A two-button polo, cut from super soft yet hardy cotton pique, comes in a classic fit with a drop tail. $68


Made in New York City, the wool blazer features a full canvas construction and is finished with signature red elbow patches and maple leaf brass buttons. $1,200


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