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Rundown: This refined streetwear brand is delving into new territory with pieces that are part-practical, part-experimental, and all affordable. Think camo overshirts, unstructured tweed blazers and modern khakis.

Price range: Shirts from $50-60, bottoms from $60-65, all outerwear is under $120

Standouts: Corduroy and herringbone trousers with elastic cuffs; could this be a new cuffing trend?

Find it: Revolveclothing.com

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3 Labels to Watch

Men's market week is in full effect, with buyers, brands and bloggers running amok all over Manhattan. Among the racks at trade shows like Capsule, we found some new kids on the block worth paying attention to in the coming year. - Jian DeLeon

Rundown: Representing Brooklyn, but made in Manhattan from Japanese fabrics, this brand's third season mixes maritime-inspired outerwear with classically manly fabrics like tweed and corduroy.

Price range: Shirts from $185-200, bottoms from $235-275, outerwear from $250-500.

Standouts: Cargo pants in a variety of cool, faded colors. The orange ones are great for those who want to be on-trend without standing out too much.

Find it: Needsupply.com

Rundown: Extremely popular in their native Scandinavia, they've been stateside for just a year. Perfect for folks looking for well-tailored staples that are as austere as they are affordable.

Price range: Tops from $60-90, bottoms are $72-88, suiting and jackets start at $140.

Standouts: Italian-made footwear in contrast colors; like the desert boot's snazzier cousin.

Find it: Gargyle.com


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