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Chunky knit
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They were featured in the fall collections of Ralph Lauren, Zegna and Michael Bastian. And you've likely seen them in old photos of badass dudes like Robert Redford and Steve McQueen. But the turtleneck can be a bit tricky. It's one of those garments that has gotten a bad rap because so many men have abused the style. They were often ill-fitting and made from low quality material, so it's no wonder guys have been hesitant to try them. But when pulled off correctly, they make for a sharp style this time of year.

    Known as a turtleneck here in the States and Canada, in the UK it's called a polo neck or roll-neck and in Australia, a skivvy.

Fine gauge turtleneck,
$75 by J.Crew

Texture is Key

Think of a fine gauge turtleneck as underwear. Layer a slim style under your suit or jacket and use it as an alternative to your standard shirt and tie. Or go with a sturdier, chunky knit made from heavier wool and leave your scarf (and even your coat, perhaps) at home.

Go Neutral

Keep it simple and look for a sweater in a neutral color. No need for lots of colors or bold patterns.

To Roll or Not to Roll

That is the question, but the call is yours. And remember that comfort trumps all, especially this time of year. So don't be afraid to stretch out the collar a bit or even leave it unfurled and messy









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