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With summer entering full swing (and sailor stripes having a due moment), there's no better time to snag a few pieces to ready yourself for that imminent sailing trip to Nantucket. But don't worry. You don't need to know a bow line from a clove hitch (or even go near a dock) to pull off these classic maritime pieces; they've endured the test of time for a reason.

  • Louis Garrel oozed Parisian cool in Saint James' Binic sweater in the film "Love Songs."

Channel classic French style with this Breton sweater, $215, from Saint-James, the traditional nautical clothier and inventor of the original seaman's sweater. It's as stylish in the city as it is off the coast.

Make sure your footwear wont scuff the deck with these limited edition Docksides in mint, $110. This pair boasts downtown cred as well; it's the product of a collaboration between classic brand Sebago and emerging NYC design collective Vane.

This flight bag, $90, is made from the same rugged duck canvas used in the production of sails. The sturdy cotton handles, detachable shoulder strap and side pockets make this a great all purpose carryall. Long Island's Wm. J. Mills & Co. makes products for the long haul; each bag is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Any true seafarer knows that certain colors are de rigeur: navy of course, but also bright sunshine yellow. It's more than mere aesthetics; in violent storms, the bright hue will ensure you're easy to find. Try a lightwight raincoat from L.L. Bean, $60, in waterproof nylon.


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