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April 77 stretch selvedge, $688 at Bergdorf Goodman

Shrink-to-Fit Trucker, $68 by Levi's

Fall Forecast

As summer lazily drifts into its final stretch, those of us who revel in fall's opportunities for layering always get a little trigger happy. It's called "rushing the season," and we at Valet are all for it. Fortuitously, it's around this time that the fall merchandise begins hitting the sales floor. One item that should be on every guy's shopping list is a jean jacket. This season's denim jackets—simple, dark, lean—make an ideal early autumn cover, paired with trim chinos, well-worn corduroys or charcoal flannel trousers. Daiki Suzuki modernized a version for Engineered Garments, modifying the American staple with a shawl collar and longer, over-dyed body. Wear it over a T-shirt today and by October, layer it under tweed blazer or puffer vest.

Engineered Garments jacket, $242, and flannel shirt, $173, both at Context


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