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You likely have your go-to summer shoe. Perhaps it's a boat shoe or maybe a simple white canvas slip-on. And while we're fully behind those options, sometimes it's nice to toss a change up. Our solution? A classic pair of moccasins. The uniquely American shoe offers an easy way to dress up a casual summer look. And there are enough variations that it's impossible not to have your needs and wants fulfilled. In the interest of leading you in the right direction, here are some of our favorite pairs in a variety of styles and prices.

L.L. Bean Blucher

While it's no longer made in Maine, the Bean's Blucher is and will always be a classic. Plus, at under $70 it's a great value proposition. $69, at L.L. Bean

      Orvis Double
    Soled Moc

Made in the USA by Gokey for longer than you've been alive. $165, at Orvis

Canoe Moc

Easily the closest to the traditional boat shoe, it features a camp sole and lacing running around the collar. We are big fans of the "All Plaidout." $210, at Quoddy

Arrow Ring Moccasin

These would go great with some raw denim or khakis for the cooler days this summer and will serve you well year round. Made in Massachusetts since 1951. $120,
at Arrow

  • A well made pair of moccasins is just like a pair of bench made dress shoes—care for the leather and send them for recrafting every few years and they'll likely last you decades.

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