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Buy American

Michael Williams, partner at PR firm Paul+Williams and the prolific blogger behind A Continuous Lean, is also a champion of goods made stateside. Here's his reasoning for such patriotic sartorial pride.


Hiking boots, $255,
by Danner


In Japan, consumers want English things to be from England, French things to be from France and American things to be made in America. It's a quality that I believe is derived from a devotion to authenticity. Portland, Oregan-based Danner is a perfect example of the type of company the Japanese love to support. Danner, which is often over-looked by the newly minted throngs of Red Wing admirers, has been making quality boots in America since the early 1930s. It's about time we as Americans hold companies that shun domestic manufacturing to as high of standards as our Japanese friends.

- Michael Williams

The number of brands on ACL's The American List, a regularly updated listing of companies that can still claim to be "Made in the USA."

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