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Personal Care

Mind Your Dogs

You may not be wearing flip-flops for a while, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be taking care of your feet. We asked Pirooz Sarshar and Michael Gilman, the guys behind the Grooming Lounge, why guys shouldn't fear the occasional pedicure.


"Why wouldn't a guy want to get his feet rubbed, dead skin taken off and nasty nails trimmed?" asked Sarshar. "Ultimately, it's going to leave those dogs feeling fresher and looking better." Foot Treatments, as they call 'em, offer a relaxing, massage-like experience that just happens to result in precision-clipped and buffed toenails. There's no polish involved, and you don't have to be embarrassed by it. "Once a guy tries it, he's usually hooked," affirms Gilman. "And his gal is usually more than willing to foot the bill."



Use a body scrub at home to smooth heels and soles. Trim nails straight across and finish off with lotion.

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