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31 Days: Style Tips and Tricks
Volume 3

All the tips and tricks needed to shape up for 2011. Each day brings new, expert advice on how to look your best and live life to the fullest, while having a little fun doing it.


Don't Sweat Your Tie

Here's some good news to start off the new year: It's never been cooler to have a tie around your neck and there's no wrong way to wear one. Unlike in our father's or grandad's day—when a tie was expected to be perfectly pressed, knotted neatly and tacked down onto the shirt—today's ties are anything but precious. After all, when you can wear one cut from selvedge denim or deadstock camo and pair it with a jean jacket and sneakers, formality shouldn't be too much of a priority. Herewith, a few ways to wear your neckwear.


The Unkempt Twist

Guys like Sid Mashburn or rakish Italians pull off this simple, subtle style by slightly twisting the narrow end of the tie and letting it hang off to the side.


The Low-Hanger

A less subtle variation of the aforementioned twist. Just know that less stylish coworkers might be confused by your appreciation for nonchalant imperfections.


The Tuck

This old school military or working man vibe looks particularly good with rolled sleeves. Tuck your tip in between your second and third or third and fourth buttons.


The Pants Tuck

This Rat Pack era move, tucking the tip of your tie into your trouser's waistband, works best on trim guys wearing tab-front pants and a knit tie. Attempt with caution.


The Off-Duty Knot

Likely the easiest way to wear a tie. Simply loosen the knot just a tad, and leave your shirt's top button unbuttoned or your button-down collar open.


The maximum number of ways to tie a tie, as proved by two Cambridge University physicists.


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