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Food & Drink

Eat Your Vegetables

According to the docs at the Centers for Disease Control, the average male needs three one-cup servings of vegetables a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here's a quick primer on the four most beneficial veggies that guys can buy. And how to work them into your diet.


Broccoli Sprouts

Good for

Respiratory health, high blood pressure and ulcers.

Eat 'em

Piled on top of a sandwich or mixed into salads.


Good for

Preventing multiple cancers, lowering cholesterol.

Eat 'em

Cooked. Sauteed, grilled, roasted or pureed into sauces.



Good for

Workout recovery, bone strength and cancer prevention.

Eat 'em

Roasted crisp (like chips) in the oven.

Yellow Squash

Good for

Eyesight, healthy skin, heart disease and stroke prevention.

Eat 'em

Stir-fried or steamed with herbs and butter.


Sneak Them In

Not interested in adding the vegetables to your meals? You can cheat by getting them in liquid form. Puree a cup of frozen vegetables into a blender and pulse with a can of sweet San Marzano tomatoes and a little basil. Saute on the stove for an easy spaghetti sauce rich in nutrients and vitamins. Or simply down 12 oz. of a blended juice like V8 or Naked's "berry veggie machine" or "green machine."



Seven out of ten American adults don't eat enough vegetables.


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