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31 Days: Style Tips and Tricks
Volume 3

All the tips and tricks needed to shape up for 2011. Each day brings new, expert advice on how to look your best and live life to the fullest, while having a little fun doing it.


Look Taller Instantly

Give yourself the illusion of a few extra inches, simply by wearing the right things.


Avoid contrasts.

Dark colors not only give the impression of power and authority, they also make you look slimmer. When dark pants are paired with similarly dark shoes, it visually lengthens your legs. On the flip side, a contrasting belt would cut you in half, making you look shorter.

Use your head.

A close, cropped or slicked back hairstyle can have the same dwarfing effect as horizontal stripes. You don't have to spike your hair, but a style that's cropped tight on the sides and tall on top will instantly add some height.


Focus on fit.

A lean silhouette will look much longer than a loose one. A poorly fitted jacket will only make you look like a kid in a hand-me-down.

Use patterns to your advantage.

Look for plaid shirts with defined vertical stripes, herringbone jackets or pinstripe trousers—all of which provide your outline with some extra visual length.



A year of regular yoga exercise can actually make you taller—up to an inch and a half—simply by improving your posture.


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